CNC lathes and mills

DMG MORI DMU 60 eVo linear

Universal machining center, 5-axes simultaneous machining with a swivel rotary table

X: 600mm, Y: 500mm, Z: 500mm
Max table load 400kg
Max workpiece diameter: 600mm

TOS WHQ 13 Boring machine

Large boring machine with CNC control.

X: 3500mm, Y: 2500mm, Z: 1250mm, max table load 12 000kg

Hyundai Wia LM 1800TTSY + Top Automazione X-Files autoloader

X=230mm, Z=700mm, bar capacity D65mm on both spindles

Mazak QuickSmart 250 + Yaskawa robot cell

X=360mm, Z=700mm, bar capacity D80mm, rotating tools

Doosan Puma 2600LM

X=406mm, Z=1280mm, rotating tools

Doosan Puma 480M

X=630mm, Z=800mm, max bar capacity D160mm, rotating tools

MAS MCV 1016

X=1016mm, Y=610mm, Z=710mm
Max table load 700kg
Max workpiece size 1300x600mm

Sheet cutting and pressbrakes

Bystronic Xpert 2016


Amada HFE M2


Motoman EA1900 welding robot cell

Two bay feeding with max table load of 1000kgs per bay

Thermcut plasma cutter

Cutting area X=2000mm, Y=6000mm

Kasto KASTOtwin A2


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